WEATHER  in TEXAS is so unpredictable . Our  Bounce Houses and Slides can get wet and they won't get damage. Misty rain its fine.Heavy raining  you'll want to get the kids out until it stops. Please shut off the blower switch and let it deflate.When the rain stops you can turn the switch back on and let the kids have fun. Bounce Houses may make bubbles after getting wet. Just wipe them out with a towel as needed. 

We will not be able to set up any Inflatables  in the rain. We will deliver in scattered rain unless we get a cancellation call from you  817-616-5555 or 817-770-5083.


Rain Policy: You may cancel rental at any time prior to receiving equipment at this option due to inclement weather. However, the unit is delivered , Lessor’s obligation to furnish equipment has been met and no rain check are available. Policy for rain weekend forecast is i.e possible rainy days customer pays for unit once they accept it.


The safety of your Kids is our priority please keep an eye on High Winds 


High winds: 30 mph Please "Shut that blower off and get those kids out of there!". High winds seem to come in about 30 minute to 1 hour spells. When the winds stoyou can turn the switch back on and let the kids have fun! Just keep an eye on the 4 corner sand bags or stakes of the jumper and make sure they are still secured deep in the ground. Keep checking if high winds persist.

A full refund including the deposit will be granted if rain is forecasted on the party date or if temperature is freezing as long as we are notified before delivery.


Deposits are non-refundable we will be happy to apply that credit towards a future rental as long as we are given a one week advance notice and it is in  the same year rental. After placeing the order you have 24hrs to cancel the order with no fees. After the 24hrs. have been met there will be $50.00 charge for holding equipent for you and not being available to other guest unless you cancel with in 2 weeks notice of your reservation.



  1. In case of loss of power or air remove riders immediately.
  2. Do not allow rider to play or climb on outside walls.
  3. Do not mix age groups.
  4. Remove shoes before entering inflatable.
  5. In case of winds greater than 20mph. or lightning, remove riders and unplug unit.
  6. No flips or wrestling
  7. Rider must exit slide before next rider slides down.
  8. Keep children away from stakes, blower, generators and power cords.
  9. No more than one person at the top of the slides at one time.
  10. One rider climbing up one rider at the top and one rider sliding down. NO MORE!
  11. Do not pull, hang on or climb on netting.
  12. No WATER on Dry Bounce House (additional cleaning fee will applied is the bounce house gets wet)
  14. No Shoes. Socks are a must to protect feet.
  15. No Pets in units- their claws will damage the unit and customer may be liable for tears caused during rental period
  16. No excessive weight. Most moonwalks fit an average of 8 children. If adults or big teens decide to jump please no more than 4 at a time depending on weight. Tears will be costly to repair- customer may be liable for tears caused during rental period
  17. No Silly string in or near the moonwalks- these will damage the unit and customer may be liable for replacement.  Units usually cost between $1,500 to $5,000 to replace.  I don't recommend silly string at parties anyway- they are highly flammable.

Never let customers, parents or guest intimidate you. The Rider’s safety is your foremost concern.

Never leave unit unattended. Call for a trained replacement if needed. Contact Information 817-770-5083   817-448-7361